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        Plan Check Status (Food / Pool Facility Construction)

 Enter a SR Number (if Available)
        Environmental Health will be transitioning to a new software system and as a result, the Plan Check Status feature will be unable to display
        a current plan status or services conducted after November 30, 2016. We will be making enhancements and plan to have the new system
        complete by the end of the first quarter of 2017.
        To obtain the most current status of your plans, please contact the Plan Check Program at (714) 433-6074. We apologize for any
        inconvenience this may cause.


• If you have an SR Number (example ➙ SR1234567) enter it above and leave Facility Name, Facility Address, and Facility City blank.
• If you DO NOT have an SR Number, Enter as much information possible (above) in the Facility Name, Facility Address and Facility City fields.

 Search Tips:

• Do not use apostrophies, commas, or periods in the Facility Name.
• For Searches using street name, do not use the street type (Ave, St., and Blvd.).
• Business names may use the symbol "&" for the word "and."
• For businesses in a hotel or amusement park, try searching under the name of the hotel or the name of the amusement park.
• If the business is changing its name, it may be using the new name while in the Plan Check process.
• If you included the exact address, try using the street name only.
• If your address includes a direction (i.e. North State College), use "N" without a period.


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