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        Plan Check Status (Food / Pool Facility Construction)

 Enter a SR Number (if Available)


• If you have an SR Number (example ➙ SR1234567) enter it above and leave Facility Name, Facility Address, and Facility City blank.
• If you DO NOT have an SR Number, Enter as much information possible (above) in the Facility Name, Facility Address and Facility City fields.

 Search Tips:

• Do not use apostrophies, commas, or periods in the Facility Name.
• For Searches using street name, do not use the street type (Ave, St., and Blvd.).
• Business names may use the symbol "&" for the word "and."
• For businesses in a hotel or amusement park, try searching under the name of the hotel or the name of the amusement park.
• If the business is changing its name, it may be using the new name while in the Plan Check process.
• If you included the exact address, try using the street name only.
• If your address includes a direction (i.e. North State College), use "N" without a period.


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